Home and School

The Home and School Association is open to all parents, caregivers, teachers or interested adults in the school community, with our purpose being to promote mutual interest and co-operation between these groups. Our objective is to fully support the Fairlie Primary School Board and staff of the school to improve facilities and opportunities for members of the school community.

We hold regular meetings and run several fundraising activities during the year, with one of our major events being the 2 day Trail Bike ride during Term 1. The funds raised provide our children with fantastic opportunities both inside and outside the school grounds. These include camps, skiing,  swimming, and some classroom resources. 

Keep an eye out in school notices and newsletters for ways you can support us with these, or if you would like to join our committee you can contact one of the below members.

Fairlie Primary Home and School: fairliehomeandschool@gmail.com

Maree Ferriman – Chairperson: mareeferri@gmail.com

Anita Higgins – Treasurer: kjakfarms@gmail.com